Company Culture

1. We love each other

We treat colleagues like families, we communicate with sincerity and are willing to help
each other.

2. We teamwork with each other

We strive for the way to succeed, put team's interest as our first priority, we respect culture
difference and are building up our company as an learning organization.

3. We plan before doing

We adhere to integrity and honesty, we do the right thing right and advocate servant's

4. We brainstorm to make the best decision

Our meeting time should be short, execution should be precise and feedback should be quick
to build up a culture of accountability.

5. We are ready to face and overcome various challenges

We see difficulty as an opportunity, whenever we encounter problems we will ask “Why ?”
for 5 times to find the true root cause and fix it.

6. We continue improving ourselves.

We continue implementing improvement,especially production site's improvement to
provide the best product to satisfy our customers.
we know our customers need to like us before they like our products.

7. We take good care of our families

We do good parenting and take good care of our own heath by keeping a balanced diet and
regular exercise because we all known good family and health are the sources for everything.