Core Value

Our Core Corporate Values                                                   

Care, Sincerity, and Dependability
Care, in order to surpass clients’ expectations with amazing customer service
Sincerity, in order to provide thorough communication for every problem, as well as complete solutions
Dependability, in order to become the partner that our clients rely on.
Care, sincerity, and dependability are our core value, which are independent but also complimentary.
We follow these values in all that we do, and we believe that doing so will lead us to earn and keep our
clients trust.

Management Concepts

Proactivity and Passion
Innovations and Breakthroughs
All of our activities start from our core values and management concepts of “professionalism”,
“proactivity and passion”, and “innovation and breakthrough”. All of our personnel adopts
these basic principles in their work and attitudes.

We value professionalism and thus confirm every detail; we are passionate and thus actively
enjoy taking on new challenges; we continuously pursue innovation.


We aim to provide highly competitive super-efficient solar cell products and become your most
dependable partner.

Solar energy is good for the environment, so our goal is to extend green energy to every possible
corner of the earth, ensure the well-being of humans, and maintain ecological harmony.